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Well this morning i possibly got the greatest voicemail EVER..! It warned me at the beginning it was 3 minutes long, which makes sense since it was Ben who could talk a gossipy old woman to death, who also happened to be completely and utterly wasted...

It was basically 3 minutes of him telling me how much he loves me (and how he's not ashamed to say it), how special i am, how i'm "his baby" (followed by him making a load of baby noises..!), how great and beautiful i am, how much he and Sus miss me, and how even though they didn't know me for that long i made a huge impression on them, and that i should never change.

It was Just SO Ben, and so funny/sweet/adorable that while i was wetting my pants laughing i nearly cried too! My sister and my Mum just listened to it, both nearly cried, and were both killing themselves laughing, and they both just sat there and said "I wish someone would say things like that about me!"

I <3 my Ben. I can't wait to see him and everyone else in May, and he had the most perfect timing with that message. I needed it.
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