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Foolish's Journal

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
10:11 pm - : : eee!! : :
Reading tomorrow!! *squeals*

I am entirely too excited. Also i am "a cheeky motherfucker" according to Roland for staying in a hotel. mwahahaha. Imma go pack now...

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Sunday, May 18th, 2003
5:34 pm - : : weekend fun : :
Well this weekend has probably been one of my more drunken efforts...! Friday night i was a MESS, a big drunken MESS i tell you!! I am not entirely sure how i managed that either, yet i managed to flash Roland one of my nipple piercings, completely not notice a HUGE big drama going on, and talk a complete pile of crap with Ellie! I got in the car to go home, and supposedly i was slumped against the window and said everything about 100 times.. My mum and my sister have yet to let this go...

Last night my "i won't ever drink again" plan failed miserably within two seconds of me walking through the door, and then Mog got me started on Creme Egg and Milkybar shots (so therefore i hold him entirely responsible for my behaviour) and it was all down hill for my soberness from there.. Mog and me made a cash machine run, and he decided it would be a fantastic idea to fight me while it was spitting out my money, so by the time we were done it had swallowed my money back up again!! I have no idea if it goes back into my account or not but it better do or he is a dead man.

More drinks later it was time to move on to Edwards.. Everyone left before us so me and Mog had to make our way there alone and by the time we got there i was soaked.... But oh no it didnt *rain* it was thanks to the "ever lovely Mr Mog" who decided it would be LOTS of fun to throw me on my back on every bench (conveniently soaking wet i might add) that we walked past, and then jump on me and pin me too it... Arms and legs going in all directions with me yelling "Mog get off me or i am going to kill you!!" *dies* I must have looked a right state...!

Got a lift home from Roland later, so me him and Wally headed off to the car, only to find Alex (le birthday boy) sitting by himself in the car park... Put him in the car and went to take him home, which mayhaps wasnt the best of ideas... He was sick all down the inside of Rolands car... Ick. Naturally he got thrown out of the car, his jacket was grabbed and used to wipe up all his sick, and then he was allowed back in the car and somehow we managed to get to his house.. Dropped Wally off next and i had to sneak into his house to pee because i thought i was going to die, but i think i actually managed to make a HUGE amount of noise banging doors and stuff so i probably didn't do too well on the "not waking the parents" front.. oops.

Got back to mine and we got a drink and sat and talked for a bit, before he went home, so i finally got to bed at 4:30. Today i am a tired tired girl, but i had a good time. :D

current mood: groggy

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2003
11:02 am - : : Bah : :
Ignore my last "i'm a very happy girl post" since that is no more.. Ahwell, men suck what can i say!

Had to take out my two side navel piercings yesterday which was sad, but i also managed to spend £230 without leaving the house.

£121 on ONE set of underwear, the rest on a pair of trainers, a new belt, a new buckle, and 2 new wristbands. Gotta love comfort shopping.

And um... Tim's been asked to drum for Leftover Crack on their tour in Israel.... Holy Shit.

current mood: blah

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2003
4:01 pm - : : Driving Test : :
*ahem* well i only went and bloody passed didn't i!

current mood: ecstatic

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11:02 am - : : Shit : :
In exactly 3 and a half hours i wil be sat in the car taking my driving test. I am going to fail so royally that i can barely be arsed to get myself dressed to go. Everyone is all "oh you'll be fine" but they are missing one very important point. I CANT DRIVE. Go team.

current mood: scared

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
4:32 pm - : : Meh : :
So Iam is down until some time tomorrow... i am having MAJOR withdrawl. I want to write on my page damnit!! I am seriously lost without it today. I didn't realise quite how much of my day i spent on it.
(Sad? yes. Care? no.)

Tomorrow is the day i fail my driving test. Bring it on. I so wish i could actually drive, it would make the test so much easier. Oh well, cyclists better watch out, i'm coming after you tomorrow.

I have not a lot else to say right now, so imma go make some food and lay in front of the tv for the next who knows how many hours. word.

current mood: bitchy

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Friday, April 25th, 2003
11:44 am - : : eek : :
My tshirt arrived today. I have to cut it all up, and sew it back together again by TONIGHT. Mission and a half.

Yesterday Christian nearly knocked me over in the middle of town with his running-skid-hug! <3 you!!

Last night i went to watch Jon, Iain, and Tim skate in the b&q carpark, and it was fun, especially the hot chocolate afterwards, but Jon i am sorry, that orange goo you were drinking?!?! SO nasty! :p

current mood: worried

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
12:53 pm - : : Voicemail : :
Well this morning i possibly got the greatest voicemail EVER..! It warned me at the beginning it was 3 minutes long, which makes sense since it was Ben who could talk a gossipy old woman to death, who also happened to be completely and utterly wasted...

It was basically 3 minutes of him telling me how much he loves me (and how he's not ashamed to say it), how special i am, how i'm "his baby" (followed by him making a load of baby noises..!), how great and beautiful i am, how much he and Sus miss me, and how even though they didn't know me for that long i made a huge impression on them, and that i should never change.

It was Just SO Ben, and so funny/sweet/adorable that while i was wetting my pants laughing i nearly cried too! My sister and my Mum just listened to it, both nearly cried, and were both killing themselves laughing, and they both just sat there and said "I wish someone would say things like that about me!"

I <3 my Ben. I can't wait to see him and everyone else in May, and he had the most perfect timing with that message. I needed it.

current mood: chipper

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Saturday, April 5th, 2003
2:41 pm - : : I am FAT!! *cries* : :
Gosh i feel sick. I ate too much pasta and now i feel icky. Not that you particularly wanted to know that but still...
Yesterday was driving lesson mayhem, nearly killed a cyclist, a dog tried to attack my instructor, and he also decided that since my parents are away this week he is going to come over and we are going to take my Dads CL600 Merc out and "rag it about"... haha. How funny would that be?! I have the best driving instructor methinks.

Went down the Bay with Clairey and Laura, and it was all a bit dramatic one way or another with lots of different people, so i didn't get to talk to a lot of people that i wanted to which was a shame. Wally however is STILL trying to milk sympathy over his work badge that i broke in JANUARY!! I really think he should let that go. hehe. I had an okay night though i guess, and i got lollies to eat which ALWAYS makes things better. Gotta love the lollies. *nods* Pat liked my Thundercats wristband, and to be honest how could he not, the darn thing rules all, but i think i might get him one to cheer him up. I can get my Pac-man and AFI ones at the same time so its a good excuse to spend more money! Just gotta beg my mummy for her credit card since i shall have to ship them in from across the pond!!

Tonight is outtage again for Carolines birthday, although Tim has still yet to tell me what time he is picking me up. OOOh and totally unrelated but my torture garden catalogue FINALLY arrived but FUCK is everything expensive!! The BEST nurses dress that i wanted is £176!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries her eyes out*

Oh.. and my sister is upstairs having sex. Yuck.

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
5:15 pm - : : Shopping : :
I just spent a lot of money i don't have. Haha.
One delicious dress, some pink and black skull and crossbones hairclips, and a pink and white dice bracelet. Yummy. Its all about the accessories darlings.

The dress i was going to get in red tartan, but in the end i settled for plain black, since i am gonna be buying the lil red tartan skirt soon anyway. :D Thee dress has bondage straps and d-rings all round the hip part and is quite lovely if i don't say so myself!! I hope it gets here soon!! *glee*

Oh *AND* i just found out that Simon told Izzi i don't like her!!! *PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT* if he was talking to me i'd kill him. I swear.

current mood: excited

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