Foolish (a_simple_label) wrote,

: : I am FAT!! *cries* : :

Gosh i feel sick. I ate too much pasta and now i feel icky. Not that you particularly wanted to know that but still...
Yesterday was driving lesson mayhem, nearly killed a cyclist, a dog tried to attack my instructor, and he also decided that since my parents are away this week he is going to come over and we are going to take my Dads CL600 Merc out and "rag it about"... haha. How funny would that be?! I have the best driving instructor methinks.

Went down the Bay with Clairey and Laura, and it was all a bit dramatic one way or another with lots of different people, so i didn't get to talk to a lot of people that i wanted to which was a shame. Wally however is STILL trying to milk sympathy over his work badge that i broke in JANUARY!! I really think he should let that go. hehe. I had an okay night though i guess, and i got lollies to eat which ALWAYS makes things better. Gotta love the lollies. *nods* Pat liked my Thundercats wristband, and to be honest how could he not, the darn thing rules all, but i think i might get him one to cheer him up. I can get my Pac-man and AFI ones at the same time so its a good excuse to spend more money! Just gotta beg my mummy for her credit card since i shall have to ship them in from across the pond!!

Tonight is outtage again for Carolines birthday, although Tim has still yet to tell me what time he is picking me up. OOOh and totally unrelated but my torture garden catalogue FINALLY arrived but FUCK is everything expensive!! The BEST nurses dress that i wanted is £176!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries her eyes out*

Oh.. and my sister is upstairs having sex. Yuck.
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